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Seth Wescott - for Crest - Interview, NYC 11.30.2009 Seth Wescott - for Crest - Interview, NYC 11.30.2009
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Seth Wescott, Snowboard Boardercross Olympic Gold Medal winner is interviewed exclusively for SnowboardSecrets.TV. Lauren Traub Teton asks him about the hidden tree stashes at Sugarloaf, visualizing the boardercross run before doing it, video analysis,coming up with a game plan, and how the lanes are allocated, Also Seth explains the difference between boardercross, Boarder X, and snowboard cross. Interview sponsored by Crest Pro-Health, official toothpaste sponsor of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Crest created a world class oral care routine for the team so they can brush like champs as well. See Seth Wescott and Julie Chu, Olympic Women's Hockey player brush their teeth here.