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Granite Gorge, Keene, NH, Season Preview Granite Gorge, Keene, NH, Season Preview
Rich Picarelli gives us some quality face time on a summer day at Antrim, NH's Home and Harvest Days, and tells us what's waiting for us this winter at Granite Gorge, in Keene, NH. He knows the park inside and out and he drives the coolest company car ever! It's a '71 VW bus in lime green that he and a buddy rehabbed for the Gorge. Check out his rail riding vids onYouTube here and more!
Video by Lauren Traub Teton, for SnowboardSecrets.TV.
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Skateboard and Hot Dog Meet, South Hadley, MA 2010Skateboard and Hot Dog Meet, South Hadley, MA 2010

NESRA New England Skateboard Racing Association holds it's 3rd event this season and ever, on July 11, 2010. New skaters came out as well as seasoned old-school veterans for the slalom races in this friendly homestyle competition. See the newest event, banked slalom with a JUMP in the course! Dr. Dan P. hosts the video and the race. Carol and family, what a wonderful lunch, thanks again! Skateboarders love FOOD, especially delicious FREE FOOD! Rick Floyd, we missed you, but soldiered on.

Isotonix Digestive Enzymes kept Lauren smiling after she ate a hot dog, cheeseburger, pierogie with chorizo, baked beans, and cole slaw. Get the powdered digestive enzymes from Sue Balfe

Video sponsored by, the skateboard and snowboard wrist guards designed by a doctor and proven to reduce wrist injuries. Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Bobby Thomas for Flexmeter Interview 9.09Bobby Thomas for Flexmeter Interview 9.09
Slalom Skateboarder Bobby Thomas is interviewed at the Can/Am in Antrim, NH, 9/09. Bobby, almost 50, is wearing his Flexmeter Wrist Guards and tells his philosophies of taking care of his health by staying active, and wearing his sports gear tight. Bobby is a Twifty, a fun person around 50 and up. Bobby Thomas wakeboards for Wake Nation, the first chain of cable wakeboard and waterski parks in the US. For SnowboardSecrets.TV and, by Lauren TraubTeton.
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CMC - Carve Master Curt - Revealed 9.09CMC - Carve Master Curt - Revealed 9.09
Meet Carve Master Curt, a handsome and sexy accomplished slalom athlete on wheels and edges, and body builder. Exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV. Video by Lauren Traub Teton. For Wrist Guards and Gloves. Your product here? Maybe.

Antrim NH Can/Am Skateboard Slalom Races 2009 Antrim NH Can/Am Skateboard Slalom Races 2009
New Hampshire. Antrim hosts the Canadian/American Slalom Skateboard Competition on September 18-20, 2009. Meet Spin King Richy Carrasco, George Pappas,Bobby Thomas for Flexmeter Wrist Guards and Wake Nation and more. We enjoy spaghetti with Gabe and Dan Duquet at Diane and Rick's Pizzeria, and more. RSN, this one's for you

The Farm Slalom Skateboard Competition (Part 2) The Farm Slalom Skateboard Competition (Part 2)
2 of the most bizarre skateboard competitions EVER are seen in this video after a long day of serious slalom racing (Part 1). Skateboard Chinese Downhill Grab-the-Beer Can, and Skateboard Catamaran (first one since 1973 says Iacovelli) where grown men on skateboards imitate crabs mating while steering around cones. Meet some of the faces above the feet including skateboard racer and pediatrician Dr. Dan Parrish, Fatboy who says he brings "nothing to the table," and Brian Peck who talks about his bushings, wins the beer grab on a fluke, and demos the Micro XT extreme scooter that was introduced in the US last month. Meet Adam Schwippert, 2009 World's Winner in 2 events, as he heals. See Joe McLaren and Leo Ojedo demo the Micro XT extreme scooter from Micro Scooter USA. See Part 1 here Lauren Traub Teton is your video host for SnowboardSecretsTV. Vid sponsored by Wrist Guards designed by a doctor and proven to reduce sports wrist injuries. And Micro Scooter USA. Your product in our videos? Maybe.

The Farm Slalom Skateboard Competition 2009 (Part 1) The Farm Slalom Skateboard Competition 2009 (Part 1)
Bethel, Connecticut 8/8/09. Tway and Joe Iacovelli bring you the 9th annual edition. 30 contestants, kids contest. several events. Lots of ACTION! See Part 2 for the interviews and the 2 most bizarre skateboard events EVER! Featuring Joe McLaren, Mike "The Duque" Duquette, Rick Floyd, Adam Schwippert (in part 2, on the bench) Chris Pappas, and more. Check out Part 2 for the most bizarre skate contests EVER and the interviews. Hosted and filmed by Lauren Traub Teton for SnowboardSecretsTV. Video sponsored by Wrist Guards, designed by a doctor.

Seismic US Skateboard Slalom Nationals 2009Seismic US Skateboard Slalom Nationals 2009
Seismic US Nationals of Slalom Skateboard Racing. Part 1. July 11, 2009. Lafayette, Colorado. Meet race organizer (and pro div. winner!) Jason Mitchell. Flexmeter Wrist Guard Team: Wentzle Ruml, Rick Floyd, and Chris Barker. Women's 6 time National Winner Lynn Kramer, and more. Hosted by Lauren Traub Teton.