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Flexmeter Wrist Guards/ DocMeter Team and More
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Antrim NH Can/Am Skateboard Slalom Races 2009 Antrim NH Can/Am Skateboard Slalom Races 2009
New Hampshire. Antrim hosts the Canadian/American Slalom Skateboard Competition on September 18-20, 2009. Meet Spin King Richy Carrasco, George Pappas,Bobby Thomas for Flexmeter Wrist Guards and Wake Nation and more. We enjoy spaghetti with Gabe and Dan Duquet at Diane and Rick's Pizzeria, and more. RSN, this one's for you

Seismic US Skateboard Slalom Nationals 2009Seismic US Skateboard Slalom Nationals 2009
Seismic US Nationals of Slalom Skateboard Racing. Part 1. July 11, 2009. Lafayette, Colorado. Meet race organizer (and pro div. winner!) Jason Mitchell. Flexmeter Wrist Guard Team: Wentzle Ruml, Rick Floyd, and Chris Barker. Women's 6 time National Winner Lynn Kramer, and more. Hosted by Lauren Traub Teton.