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September 2013 -CAPITALS - spots from all over the world, tricks that will blow your mind, 15000 km on tour and finest people of snow: Denis Leontiev, Max Sibiryakov, Brendan Gerard, Alexander Osokin, Igor Kulakov, Artem Smolin, Yura Rudchik, Fil Ananin, Anton Borodachev, Maxim Tikhonov, Roma Papa, Kostya Berejevsky, Vadim Taran, Dogs with Sword.
Grand respect for companies who help us to push snowboarding here:
SKVOT, Thirtytwo, Terror snow, Capita, Panasonic, Land Rover, Apo, Dakine, G-Shock, Rossignol, Salomon, Lilkings, Virus, Ashbur
About Terror Snow: Terror Snowboards come out from the dense forests of Russia. From the city was founded in 1703 by Peter The Great. From Country where are no rules and there is only Terror. Terror snow is a snowboard company from people who always live there, ride there, and love snowboarding from youth. Terror snow drop own style of boards which including main things what we take around: riding, crew, graffity, music, party'n, money making and so on.
Terror snow is independent company, with makes high quality unbreakable boards. Don't be scared, join to the Terror troops!
By Alexander Voitsehovsky and Ura Rudchick