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Giro Snow Helmets for Women 2014Giro Snow Helmets for Women 2014

We found that our favorite Giro helmet for snowboarding that we've been wearing for 10 years has passed its virtual expiration date, and needs replacing. Happily, many forward- thinking improvements have been made, and here, Kerry O'Flaherty, the NY Rep for Giro shows us the Sheer and Lure helmets. Finger slide air vents, plush lining, hairstyle micro-adjuster,and removable ear pads for warmth and protection are some of the modern new features.
We show a cool new Giro spherical lens by Carl Zeiss too.
Filmed at the EWSRA/NEWSR On Snow Demo at Stratton Mountain, VT Feb. 7, 2013.

Video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for www.SnowboardSecrets.TV.
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ESWA Fashion Show at Mount Snow ESWA Fashion Show at Mount Snow

Jeff Blumenfeld produced this fashion show with sporting wear modeled by Eastern Ski Writers Association members: Iseult Devlin (President), Joan Wallen, Dave Barrell, Christine Leek Eldred, Lauren Traub Teton, Cheryl Harrison Malfetti, and Bob Williams. Filmed at the Mount Snow, Vermont ESWA meeting, February 2, 2013.
ESWA comprises thebEastern Region of NASJA,the North American Snowports Journalists Association and welcomes snowsports journalists who work in print, photo, video and new media.

Video produced by Lauren Traub Teton excluively for SnowboardSecrets.TV, and filmed by Denis Lemek.

The Jam Rail Jam at the Burton US Open Snowboard Championships The Jam Rail Jam at the Burton US Open Snowboard Championships
We show you the setup by daylight, and in action after dark. We talk to Sean Ryan, on crutches, Shaun Murphy, Chris Rotax, Brandon Reis, and Kade Madsen about the rail jam. And get an unsolicited shout out for wearing tailbone protection! Azzpadz at Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

Switch Academy - Learning Tricks at Mountain Creek Switch Academy - Learning Tricks at Mountain Creek
Switch Academy at Mountain Creek is the coolest concept. Drop-in freestyle lessons for learning tricks to use in the big terrain parks at South Peak or the beginner park at Vernon Peak. Here Lauren takes a lesson with Mountain Creek Terrain Park Instructor and Ambassador Sal Good and attempts her first 180. By the end of the sesh she's done it backside, and switch, and the ollie is coming right along too. It's on the vid! Next stop, 360, and getting a little more air. We interview Homer, Head of Operations at South Peak about Switch Academy and the Parks that currently have 57 features and are switched up every two weeks. And we catch some freestyle high fashion happening downstairs. Whether you're checking out the park for the first time, or you're an experienced park rider looking to up your game, Switch Academy let's you explore the jumps, rails, quarter-pipes, boxes, jibs and wall rides alongside qualified (and FUN!) coaches. Be sure to see our "Mountain Creek After Dark" and "Tom Weiss Park Runs" videos from this trip at SnowboardSecrets.TV Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV. Additional videography by Sal Good.

Nashoba Freeride Series Rail Jam - January 16, 2010 Nashoba Freeride Series Rail Jam - January 16, 2010
Nashoba Valley Ski Reosrt raises them up and throws it down in the first of 3 terrain park events this season. Park Manager Keith Kreischer gives an update of this 3 rail feature event with mostly the local crew competing.Skiers Bobby Sullivan in the yellow pants and Tim do the misty flip. Sophie gives the 2 hand plant she worked on at snowboard camp a go on the rooftop box. We interview hard-working "out of towner" Nicholas Legere who competed in 2 rail jams in one day this season. And we catch up with 16 year-old Zach Normandin, Nashoba local who won 12th in slopestyle Open Class at USASA Nationals last season and has been interviewed by Trans World Snowboarding. Then we visit Nashoba's Tubing Park, the largest one in New England. It even has an observation deck where parents not tubing can party to the music while their kids tube. Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

Flexmeter Wrist Guards and Snowboard Gloves FAQsFlexmeter Wrist Guards and Snowboard Gloves FAQs
Everything you wanted to know about snowboard wrist guards and skateboard wrist guards and snowboard gloves with wrist guards built in. We'll show you what they are, how they work, how to choose your correct size, and model, and more! are distributed in the US by, a division of Sport Secrets LLC and are made by Docmeter of France. Video by Lauren Traub Teton for

USASA Injuries from Snowboarding SlopestyleUSASA Injuries from Snowboarding Slopestyle

We couldn't help but notice the young athletes on crutches and in casts when we went to USASA Nationals to compete, in Spring 2010. Here we catch up with 6 of them and ask them about what happened. All the injured snowboarders hurt themselves competing or practicing for the slopesyle events, either at Nationals or earlier in the season. Meet Sarah from Sunday River with her broken wrist, Katie Pool with a broken heel, Hunter Murphy of MN with a broken ankle, Thomas O'Hara from NJ with his chipped kneecap, Meghan Tierney from NJ healing from her broken tibia and fibula, and Carter Smalley from CO with his torn MCL. Reporting and video by Lauren Traub Teton, exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Sponsored by Flexmeter Wrist Guards for snowboard and skateboard, Trikke, bke, and more. Designed by a doctor and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries. And Azzpadz tailbone protector. See these products on Lauren in our Snowboard Safety Tips video here.

Snowboard Protective Gear in Action - AzzpadzSnowboard Protective Gear in Action - Azzpadz
Lauren's 2nd halfpipe run at USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, CO 2010 resulted in her going higher and faster than ever, and than she was prepared for. See her catch an edge on the right hand wall and go down in this snowboard accident, landing hard on her hip and tailbone, but able to walk away from the snowboard crash because she was wearing Azzpadz Tailbone Protector along with her Flexmeter Snowboard Wrist Guards. Both available at Thanks also to sponsors Turbine Boardwear for the hot cool jacket and pants, Flow for the bindings, and Launch Snowboards.

Protective Gear for Snowboarding - Heavy Duty! Protective Gear for Snowboarding - Heavy Duty!
Our snowboard carving friend Luis Centeno knows how to gear up for safety on the slopes. Here he shows us his high power knee brace, boardercross helmet, body armour, and tailbone and hip protection. Filmed at Mountain Creek. By :Lauren Traub Teton for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Snowboard Safety TipsSnowboard Safety Tips

You Don't Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard! Read the popular article by Lauren Traub Teton here:

This video shows you how a safety conscious snowboarder wears protective gear to avoid the bumps and bruises that can happen snowboarding. This info is ESPECIALLY important for beginner snowboarders who fall down hard and often. Snowboard wrist injuries are 4 times more common for beginners and are a bummer! So as a beginner, do consider getting some of this protection and maybe even some good individual health insurance. Wear snowboard wrist guards designed by a doctor and proven to reduce snowboard wrist injuries. Great for other sports too! as seen in this video and designed by a doctor. Flexmeters are the only snowboard wrist guards PROVEN to reduce snowboard wrist injuries. We've got knee pads for snowboarding now too! More good stuff on Pictures of Shaun White and all your favorite snowboarders there too!